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Monday, May 5, 2008

Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent

so i know im late but i finally saw the video for my song Heaven Sent.
First im glad the video is finally out and i hope this is a big hit for Keyshia cuz its really a beautiful song.
Its a beauiful video with beautiful images that allows u to concentrate on the beauty of the songs and lyrics and keyshia is looking beautiful.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count

so this is my song of the day . There has been a lot going on ive been so busy but this song just hit me today i didnt hear it or anything but i was thinking to myself almost doesnt count then i remembered the song and i cant stop listening to it. This was a real good song i wonder whats up with Brandy now

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making the Band: Danity Kane

So here is my Welcome to the Dollhouse album review. I like the title its cute and it fits the sound they were going with. With this review I'm a lil more used to their album since it came out earlier. I am actually tempted to buy this one cuz i love the girls and i like the album. I'll see how that works out.

Intro Welcome to the Dollhouse: i like how it starts off i just wish it wasn't Diddy doing the intro but i guess it makes sense.
Bad Girl: love the beat produced by Danja, sometimes we have to be bad girls right. Also love the feature by Missy it just fits. This definitely has potential to be a single especially for the summer. 8.4

Damaged: I am loving this song right now so i cant really judge it in comparison to the other songs I'm more accustomed to this one. Is nice to see all the girls really shine on this song. Nice to see Shannon as the lead. The subject is really relatable a lot of girls have issues from past relationships and are wanting for some guy to fix it for them lol. 8.5

Prettyboy: Another nice fun beat i could see myself dancing at bottoms up to this one. What do they mean by come wipe me down though, it sounds really nasty lol. I like it though. 8.4

Striptease: there are things i despise and like about this song. On a positive note i like the fact that the girls wrote this song and its lively and catchy. I don't like the fact that certain parts of the song Danja got them sounding like Britney spears on Piece of me i think is some kind of sound effect. Why is the song just 3:15. Its nice but they could have added at least 30 more seconds. Overall nice song. 7.9

Sucka for Love: I also really like this song it has something robotic and that whole Euro pop vibe me likey it just takes me to a good place. I like how Dawn sounds on this and what she brings to the group. Her voice is really unique and makes them so much better. Her voice is very distinctive and powerful. I must admit that i am a sucka for love so this song really resonates with me. i think this could be a single too. This song is also very short and i don't get it , its not even three min that's a minus for me its like u're into it then it ends 8.3

Secret Place( interlude): this one was written by the girls. I liked this song u could really feel the girls on this one. I just wish it was a whole song but it connects well into Ecstasy they have a similar vibe.

Ecstasy: this song features Rick Ross i guess that works since he is "whats in now" maybe they bumped in to him in Miami. This song is nice too. Talks about that feeling u get when you are realllllly feeling someone(like how Dawn feels about Q). That is one of the best feelings , of course when the feeling is reciprocated lol. Its not like the other songs this one is much mellow and very sleek and sexy has a nice beat to it too. Am really feeling this song 8.5

2 of you: this song continues where Ecstasy left off. talks about how much they are feeling a certain guy sooo much there must be two of him. its more up tempo than ecstasy, the ladies do a lil rapping or something like that on this track it sounded like Aubrey and D woods (not sure if its her). Its a fun song. 7.9

Lights out: Another proud moment this song written by Dawn Richard. Its basically how a girl changes when the lights go out and her sexiness comes out. Its an interesting concept and it has a fun interesting beat. I am really feeling this one. 8.2

Picture This: Interlude Aubrey and D. Woods talking...

Poetry: Deep song feels naked(vocally & lyrically)simple beat so u can really feel them and where they are coming from. 9

Key to your heart: i like the subject matter,but there was something weird about this one, it was difft from the other tracks. Of course once i was getting used to it ended. the song is less than 3 min wow. 7
Flashback interlude: this is another song that should have been a full song. This one was written by Dwoods and Dawn.

Is anybody listening: this is one of the songs on the album that i really like. The subject matter is also very relatable. Basically about someone going through something and they need support to make it through. Has a nice laid back beat to it. 8.5
Aint Going Nowhere: Day 26 and Donnie Klang: same comment from day 26 review

Bonus track- Make me sick: its an ok song but it does sound like a throwaway track

Overall i liked the album its difft and they definitely had a vision for this album. However i felt they could have used some more time. some of those interludes should have been full songs, and some of the songs just seem unfinished. Regardless production suited the girls except for that one song that sounded a Lil like Britney. The album is good i think they have a lot of potential singles so i will not pick my favorites. I think they are headed towards the right direction. Me personally i like that funky euro pop sound, sometimes we just need to be flirty, and have fun. That's what this album is but not cheesy. Also nice to see them writing some of their material. I will give the album an 8.5.
faves: ecstasy, sucka for love,is anybody listening, damaged, lights out, poetry, prettyboy, secret place

Making the band Day 26

so i decided to dedicate today to making the band : the show and the artists. Why because it gave me something to look forward to every monday. This season was cool and nice to see some talented ppl getting some shine.

Day 26 album review- I did not purchase it and i dont know if i will. I'm still thinking bout it. I'm just not the type to buy albums the last one i got was new editin gold (lol) and that was not even recent i guess im stuck in the past. This is based from on me listening to the album on the Leak on Maybe i will decide to buy it after i listen to it a couple more times. I just really need to be in looooove with an album in order to buy it. Although im loving the debut album from the guys im not in love yet dont know if it will happen.

The reason- apparently about an ungrateful girl. nice uptempo beat "am the reason u walking like you walking, you talking like you talking" i like how it ends 6.8

Got me going- produced by mario winans i really like the beat reminiscent there is something old and familiar about the beat. i like the subject matter a lot of ppl can relate to. Voice wise they all did good with their parts
8.5 its kinda hard for me to judge this song since its the lead single.

In my bed- once again nice upbeat tempo i like how qwanell started it off they talk about their skills in the bedroom. i like the energy on this song 8

Silly love- it sounds like Q started this song off as well im not just saying this cuz its q but i like the sound of his voice it has a coo(ness)to it robert also has a nice distinct voice probably his voice sounds very difft. Brian also has that old skool r&b jodeci thing with his voice
he always brings sexiness and excitement to the song kinda nice love song. and last but not least big mike just brings so much heart when he sings u could just feel it. they all have really great voices 7.5

Come with me- i also like this song i love how willie starts off he brings some maturity to the group with his voice he always sounds like a pro like he knows what he is doing. His voice doesnt sound like but reminds me of ginuwine. His voice is also versatile i think thats why he gets a lot of parts. Once again lol i like q's part on this its interesting it got a rise out of me. i like Brians sound toward the end. 7.9

Co star- nice ballad a lil upbeat. nice song overall 7.5

Come in- has a nice r&b slowjam vibe i like the chorus . The better of the slower songs. 7.3 to 8.2

Are we in this together- produced by b cox im not sure who starts this off if its q or willie but they pull you in . the vibe is similar to the previous song. the subject matter on this one is more relatable and a lil deeper. It is also more heartfelt. personally i really like this song it the vibe of the song just really appeals to me. Nice simple beat and the guys do all the work. 8.2

What if feels like- another slow jam nice song, ok addition to the album doesnt do anything special but its not a bad song. very sexy song though would be a perfect song for exactly what they are singing about. A nice romantic night would probably lead to some good ... 6.8

Since youve been gone - which is supposed to be the next single , another nice simple beat. Talks about a guy having a hard time getting over his ex and practically begging her to come back. Its a really nice song i just dont think it should be the next single. It should be more like the last single a gift for the fans. It is a nice r&b song. 8

If it wasnt for you - the beat has a lil more going on this track. Its a regualr beat nothing special like how it starts and how it changes up before the chorus though. I think this one should be dedicated to their fans. 7.5

Dont fight the feeling- same comment as what it feels like 7.2

Aint going- this one features danity kane alright song, they were not making me move with this one, did not do anything special for me ,allright beat. since its a duet with dk i think it could have been better.

Exclusive- the last song on the album is exclusive,that would have been a good single, that song is better than most songs on the album! 8.5

Overall its a really good album(it took a few listens though). However i felt it lacked in production towards the end the beats sounded a lil redundant. I did not really see a vision with their sound in comparison with danity kanes album whether u like it or not u could see where they are going with it. Although none of the songs suck at all. Most of the songs are good. I do feel like with the talent at hand the boys can do so much more. The tracks just did not bring a whole lot out of them except for maybe 3 of them. This could be a repetition of what DK's first album was although i really liked a few songs on there and still do.I just think with the voices they have they just need to go in a whole new direction. The whole upbeat r&b thing seems to fit them, maybe they should try some love ballads like (cupid, can you stand the rain, on bended knee, end of the road). With their voices i think they should go on the boys 2 men route(cooley high harmony,End of the road and II) with some uptempo stuff similar to new edition, basically a hybrid of new edition and boyz2men and they would be destined for sucess. Diddy needs to get micheal bivins back and they should work with babyface(i love him). also is it me or were mike and Q missing on most of the tracks. I heard a lot of Willie, Brian A & Robert. Overall i will give it a solid 8.

my faves: in my bed, got me going, exclusive, come with me, co star, Are we in this together , come in, since youve been gone
honorable mention: come in, since youve been gone(maybe some more listens will move it to my faves and it actually happened), silly love

Sunday, March 23, 2008

checking in

I am finally home and i am so happy to be away from school havent felt this stress free in a while lol. Lets see how long this feeling lasts.
just some updates from last time.

im up taking out my hair and listening to some old skool r&b songs (lisa lisa and the cult jam right now).

I definately got over that feeling of wondering about someone from the past it was just one of those blah moments.

Happy to report its now officially 48 days till grad. All i have to do now is pass my classes this semester lol, which i will. I cant believe this is the last time i will be coming home after grad. Im officially stuck here till i get my self together which wont be anytime soon.

Today on the plane i saw this couple with a newly born baby and u know what it(sorry) was soo cute. It made me want to have a baby , well look forward to that day. I will stick to my neice and nephew for now that is stressful enough.

I am making my big plans for the future and it feels good.

HOpe all is well in life with whoever is reading this.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Some of my FAV PPls

Welcome back

well i will like to give my self a big welcome back to the Blog World.
I have been on hiatus for a while due to lack of time. I have been pretty busy lately but im back.
up in the morning (not good) listening to My New Edition Gold Cd my fav male group i just love them all.
looking forward to going home for spring break, i just need a break and need to get away from this school enviroment and this city for a while.
Ive also been wondering a lot about someone from the past. This person is probably not worth wondering about, but on the other hand they might be who knows.
All i know is i need to stop cuz this is not healthy lol.
50 more days till graduation now that is great.
looking forward to stepping up by Academic game back to how it was in the beggining of the semester ive become a lil distracted due to other obligations in my life.
looking forward to travelling this summer.
loving Danity Kanes new song and vid so much fun and i love the dance moves. Its nice to have a female group and a male one out there again. They do have some talent too bad they with badboy lol but good luck to them. I also love the guys vid but will do as lil segment on that later.
looking forward to making the band season finale on sunday. Dont know bout you but i love that show its nice to hear talented ppl sing and Diddy is too much. Got the whole world saying bitchassness smh lol. Isnt Dawn and Q so cute awww.
I am starting to get worried about getting a job after graduation :( and why did it have to affect my field the most.

so thats whats on my mind right now.